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1.4 The accuracy of proofing operation

(1) Weighing and dispensing of dyestuffs and chemicals adopts high-precision electronic balances to reduce the systematic errors of dyestuffs weighing.

(2) The dyestuffs used in the duplicate samples must be consistent with the batch numbers of the dyestuffs used in mass production. Be careful not to get the dyestuffs wet.

(3) The chemical method should be consistent, and different chemical methods should be used according to the performance of the dye. For example, X-type reactive dyes are heated at 30°C, other types of reactive dyes are heated at 50~60°C, and disperse dyes are mixed with 40~50°C water. Cationic dyes are made into a slurry with HAc, and then rinsed with 100 ℃ hot water until there is no precipitation; acid dyes are made into a slurry with normal temperature water, and then rinsed with boiling water until fully dissolved. After adding water, the dye liquor should be at room temperature.

(4) The suction operation adopts an automatic dripping machine with high dripping accuracy. If there is no condition, a straw can be used, but the operation must be correct. For the prepared dye solution, stir continuously with a magnetic bar to prevent some dyes from agglomerating or precipitating. In order to improve the accuracy of proofing and re-sampling, it is best to use a new dye solution prepared every day to prevent dye precipitation and air oxidation.

(5) The dyed object should be accurately weighed in the proofing operation. Note that the yarn or cloth must be wetted when dyeing, and the temperature and time must be controlled in strict accordance with the process requirements. Soaping should be based on the production process and proofing conditions, to determine the adjustment value of rapid soaping.

(6) Under normal circumstances, it must be replicated before mass production. For the formula of the direct-opening of the small vat dyeing and the formula of the repeated sample that are no longer repeated, it should be noted that the proofing dyed object must be consistent with the production dyed object.

1.5 Consistency of color vision

(1) Regularly carry out color sensitivity inspection and eye training training for proofers, repeaters, colorists, colorists and quality inspectors. Positions should be adjusted in a timely manner.

(2) Appropriate adjustments should be made to employees with periodic and fatigued color weakness, and periodic fatigue of yellow and red.

2. Analysis of color sample confirmation and non-confirmation problems

2.1 Color sample confirmation

(1) Prototype evaluation is performed first. Use the gray sample card to match the color, and the difference between the original sample and the sample should be 4~5 or higher.

(2) When color matching by computer, generally ΔE<1, when considering the system error, the internal control standard ΔE should be below 0.6. For demanding customers, hue (ΔH) and chromaticity (ΔC) should be taken into account.

(3) Correctly understand the customer's confirmation opinion on the sample. In order to make the customer confirm the order as soon as possible, when the customer's opinion is inconsistent with the actual self-test situation, first analyze whether the light source is wrong, and then communicate with the customer in time to confirm. If the "jump light" is serious, you should consider changing the dye to improve it. Usually, you should be familiar with the "metamerism" of dyes, accumulate experience, and do the basic work for selecting dyes.

2.2 The color sample is not confirmed

According to the standard sample and customer requirements, the prepared sample usually needs to be confirmed by the customer. During the confirmation process, sometimes there are multiple unconfirmed situations. At this point, the technician must cooperate with the salesperson to communicate directly with the customer to determine the reason. The main factors that cause the color difference between large and small samples are:

(1) After the raw material sample is imitated, it needs to be confirmed by the customer. Because the sample and proofing will not be produced in the same period, it will cause differences in the dyeing materials and grey fabric batch numbers used, and must be re-sampled before production.

(2) Water quality Some small enterprises use softened water for proofing, but the actual production of tap water, groundwater or untreated river water does not meet the dyeing requirements due to the high hardness of the water quality.

(3) The temperature rise, heat preservation, liquor ratio and dye liquor circulation of dyeing equipment are unstable, resulting in production fluctuations.

(4) The measurement of process parameters such as temperature, pressure, head and circulating flow is inaccurate.

2.3 Accurate duplicate sample before setting out

The prescription confirmed by the customer cannot be put into production without a duplicate sample, which is the principle to improve the first-time success rate of dyeing.

The duplication work must be assigned to a duplicator with rich proofing experience and high sample accuracy; it is not appropriate to arrange the original proofer to duplicate the sample. Due to the repeated samples by different samplers, problems such as improper dye compatibility, incorrect use of auxiliary agents, incorrect proofing methods, and errors in dyeing formula or recording are likely to occur. The semi-finished products prepared by the production workshop for mass production must be used for duplication. The dyes and auxiliaries used in the duplicate samples must be consistent with the production workshop, and the materials in the proofing room cannot be used.

The duplicate sample must implement the review system, and the duplicate sample and formula must be signed by the supervisor to confirm that there is no error before billing. After re-sampling, in addition to the customer's confirmation sample and the re-formed sample, the formula card should be pasted with the blank sample and single-dyed sample during the re-sample, so that the staking staff can check and compare the semi-finished product to be dyed and the re-sampled semi-finished product at any time. Product conformity to ensure the accuracy of lofting.

2.4 Stake out trial production

The production formula must be the formula that has been signed and confirmed by the staking and duplication supervisor, otherwise the workshop can refuse staking production. Stake out in strict accordance with the set process curve, time, temperature and feeding method.

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