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Under 2K Allotment and the user-created agenda tab, hunt for 1992 completed by MJWizards. It will be 2k23 mt by accession with the Online ID of crazyh16. You can additionally download the 1992 Abstract Class, which is 1992 Abstract by MJWizards.

What’s IncludedAccurate info, bio, numbers for all the playersAccurate CAP for the missing playersAccurate Shoes and Accessories for all the playersEnd of the Assay rostersSignature Actualization Fix for the best important playersRatings and Tendencies fixAccurate

Ambit for all the archetypal teamsAt atomic 14 complete players for every archetypal team, up to 15 if possibleHead Drillmaster complete name and lookalike face, aback availableExtra CAP faces for accountant but not-scanned playersFree Agents account with all complete players animate during the season: undrafted, waived during the assay or guys that played in Europe or CBA.BONUS: 1992 Abstract Class

1. Aureate Accompaniment Warriors2. Portland Trail Blazers3. Minnesota Timberwolves4. Seattle SuperSonics5. Phoenix Suns6. San Antonio Spurs7. Houston Rockets8. Detroit Pistons9. Indiana Pacers10. Denver Nuggets11. New Jersey Nets12. Dallas Mavericks13. Orlando Magic14.

Los Angeles Lakers15. New York Knicks16. Sacramento Kings17. Utah Jazz18. Charlotte Hornets19. Miami Heat20. Atlanta Hawks21. Los Angeles Clippers22. Boston Celtics23. Cleveland Cavaliers24. Chicago Bulls25. Washington Bullets26. Milwaukee Bucks27. Philadelphia 76ers

One agenda for those conflicting with mt nba 2k23 for sale custom rosters in 2K, you can’t use these in quick brawl games, so to ambit them out you do admission to do the MyNBA Eras mode. For those association not on PS5. there is no way to alteration these rosters to added platforms as of now.

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