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With the release of The Burning Crusade, the World of Warcraft Classic Gold at Blizzard made some significant changes to the hunter class. Not only does the class no longer have to deal with the dead zone where they are unable to attack their opponents, but they have also received important skill additions and changes that increase their overall effectiveness. Hunters, in particular, have the ability to cast traps while engaged in combat and to use Misdirection to offload threat onto a tank.

The new pets, on the other hand, are one of the additions that most hunters are interested in knowing about. In TBC WoW Classic, the pet's stats scale based on a percentage of your hunter's stats, so they account for a significant portion of your DPS. Keeping them alive and selecting the best one for the job is critical if you want to climb to the top of the damage charts and level quickly.
The balancing act
Hunters are particularly effective as a solo class, thanks in large part to their pets. When leveling up, look for pets that are quick to engage in combat. That means looking for one that has Charge, Dash, or Dive. The boar, wolf, and cat families make excellent pets for this environment. Many players, however, prefer to level up with the Wind Serpent because it attacks from a distance, allowing them to enter combat much more quickly than other pets. They're also a good damage option for raiding, so they're a pet that you can easily bring with you when you make the transition.

[color= rgb(247, 150, 70); background-color: rgb(183, 221, 232); border: 1px solid rgb(0, 0, 0)]Taking a stab at it
[/color]If you're looking for the best-in-class pet for raid content, look no further than the Ravager. They have the ability to learn both Gore and Bite, which are two of the most effective damage-dealing abilities available to pets. On top of that, you can make use of the newfound talent. Go for the Throat to increase your Focus generation and keep Gore's up-time as high as possible without spending any WoW Classic Gold. Other families of pets that fit the bill include the Cat and Raptor families. They don't quite match the damage output of the Ravager, but they are viable alternatives if you don't care about min/maxing your stats.

Arena Scropids are the go-to pet for hunters who want to put their skills to the test in the arena
They have a unique ability known as Scorpid Poison, which deals damage over time and can stack up to five times. For any hunter, putting pressure on the opposing healer is critical to a successful arena match. It forces them to deal with your damage on a constant basis, even when you are not actively attacking them.

Players can store a few pets in their stable, allowing them to switch between them as the situation necessitates. We recommend that you acquire a Wind Serpent, a Ravager, and a Scorpid in order to be prepared for whatever may come. Then you can fill in the rest of the spaces with whatever pets you like the look of. That should put you in a good position to tackle whatever content you want.

Important Pet Talents Active: Bite, Claw, Gore, and Scorpid Poison (the active talent will vary depending on the pet; Scorpid Poison is, unsurprisingly, a Scorpid attack).

Passive: Avoidance, Cobra Reflexes, and a high level of stamina
These are some key abilities that can be used by all of the pets at the same time, even if you cannot get them for all of them at the same time.

The Scorpid, one of the best Hunter Pets for PVP in Arena, is most likely your best option
Although the Cat's increased stealth is useful, we believe it is difficult to look past the poison damage stacking you can do with Scorpid Poison. Only one model of Scorpid is available in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Gold, but there are a variety of colors to choose from.

If the Boars you find in Classic WoW Gold aren't your thing, Hellfire has a selection of demon Boars for you to choose from, each with sharp, blackened tusks and bone spikes bursting from their leathery flesh.

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