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In only a few months, FIFA 22 will be here, which means that live One to Watch cards will be available as well. Several of the world's most powerful clubs have already entered the market ahead of the 2021/22 transfer window opening.

The European Championships in 2020 and the Copa America have dominated much of the football offseason so far, and we at Dexerto believe this is entirely appropriate.

[color= rgb(75, 172, 198)]The transfers, on the other hand, haven't slowed down.[/color]

The transfer of Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund to Manchester United has been the most talked-about story this summer. The Englishman had recently signed a lucrative new £190,000-a-week contract with Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund, but the Premier League giants were able to wrest control of their transfer target away from the Germans in a £73 million deal.

[color= rgb(75, 172, 198)]Liverpool has also bolstered their defensive options with the signing of Ibrahima Konate (£36 million)[/color], while Leicester City has signed French wunderkind Boubakary Soumare on a five-year deal to strengthen their attacking options.

European giants Paris Saint-Germain haven't taken losing their Ligue 1 title well; they've already signed three big-name players, including Achraf Hakimi, Georgina Wijnaldum, and Sergio Ramos, for a combined £60 million. Video games such as FIFA 22 and [color= rgb(247, 150, 70)]FIFA 22 Coins[/color] provide endless opportunities for players to improve their skills. Here's what you should know: In situations where sports and e-sports collide, the result is almost always positive.

Dexerto anticipates that all of these football superstars will be included in the FIFA 22 Ones to Watch squad, which will be unveiled next month in Los Angeles. Our complete list of OTW predictions, which includes both sporting activities and e-sports, video games such as [color= rgb(247, 150, 70)]MUT 22 Coins[/color] for Sale, and FIFA 22 deal limitless opportunities, is provided below. Sporting activities are considered to be.
[color= rgb(75, 172, 198)]Related News: [/color][color= rgb(247, 150, 70)]FIFA 21: Team of the Year release date, predictions, and special cards[/color][color= rgb(247, 150, 70)]FIFA 22 Ones to Watch predictions: start date, OTW cards, Ultimate Edition & ratings[/color][color= rgb(247, 150, 70)]FIFA 21 Ones to Watch predictions featuring new Chelsea and Everton transfers[/color][color= rgb(247, 150, 70)]FIFA 21 Ones to Watch: Confirmed FUT 21 OTW players, predictions, release date[/color]
[color= rgb(75, 172, 198)]Commencement date for FIFA 22 OTW.[/color]
Right now, we don't have a release date for FIFA 22 on our hands.

Between Friday, September 24, and Friday, October 8, EA SPORTS is likely to release their next FIFA game. In accordance with the game's release date schedule, the Ones to Watch roster for FIFA 21 will be unveiled as soon as the game is made available.

As soon as FIFA 22 early access ends, the OTW upgrade squad will be made available for players to pack in-game, which will most likely coincide with the launch of Team of the Week 2.

[color= rgb(75, 172, 198)]What is the procedure for OTW upgrade?[/color]
A special type of dynamic FUT item, Ones to Watch upgrades are unique.

The FIFA 22 cards are based on a straightforward concept. The stats of these OTW upgrades, as opposed to standard gold, silver, and bronze cards, will increase throughout the season depending on how well the players perform in the real world at their new clubs, owner card. During the FIFA Ultimate Team reward day (market decline), I intend to spend FIFA 22 COINS purchase cards that I have earned.

[color= rgb(75, 172, 198)]A player's highest In-Form card is always rated the same as his or her best OTW card.[/color]

Consider them to be a form of investment. It is only a matter of time before their stats begin to rise in value. As you watch your favorite card level up, they become "live" cards, creating a game-long attachment.

[color= rgb(75, 172, 198)]Is it possible to get free OTW cards?[/color]
Ones to Watch aren't generally available for free, and this is true for the most part.

As a result, at the beginning of every FUT game cycle, you have the opportunity to obtain one without spending a single in-game dollar — though it will cost you a little more in real life —Those who pre-order the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition bundle will receive a free OTW card when the team is eventually released in-game, as well as a free owner card. During the FIFA Ultimate Team reward day (market decline), I intend to spend FIFA 22 COINS purchase cards that I have earned.

Because the OTW card will be untradeable, there is no way for you to make a profit. This is the only disadvantage of this strategy. If you pack a particularly good one, you may find yourself wanting to keep it after all.

The above information contains everything you need to know about the popular Ones to Watch promotion for FIFA 22 ahead of the big EA reveal. Please keep in mind that the 2021/22 transfer window is still open for the time being, which means that more players could be on the move.

As transfers are completed, we will update our OTW predictions.

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