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Following the drilling, two Doosan DX340LC-5 excavators with breakers and a Doosan DX255-3 excavator with breakers were used for clearing the site, which resulted in the removal of approximately 50,000 m3 of material. These excavator log grapple are distinguished, among other things, by their strength, which is particularly useful for the most difficult jobs. They provide exceptional and efficient performance, which translates into time and money savings for the user.

In the words of Gabriel González, "These machines were chosen to carry out these works because powerful machines with large hammers were required, as well as because of the difficulty of the rock."The fuel consumption of these two models is impressive, which is important to us because we travel a lot. They are also nimble, adaptable, and dependable.

It is in the Doosan brand and the performance of Doosan machines that we have placed our faith. Due to the nature of the work we do, our machines must operate in harsh environments, and Doosan machines perform admirably in these conditions - any maintenance work that is required is less expensive than that required by other brands, which is something we appreciate as well.

The feedback we receive from our operators is extremely positive - they are satisfied, and we always seek their input when making changes or renovations to the machinery fleet. The Doosan machines are simple to use and maintain. The more precise movements and faster acceleration of these Doosan models are, in general, something we appreciate. Doosan excavators meet or exceed the expectations of our operators: the controls are smooth, and the operator's cabs are ergonomic, comfortable, and well-lit, and the machines are extremely agile. Excavations are being carried out. There are eight Doosan crawler and wheeled excavator log grapple currently in Gaby's fleet, including the DX85R-3, DX225LC-3, DX255LC-3, DX340LC-5, and DX340LC-5 models.

We work with Doosan machines because they are reliable - they are also fast and cost-effective to operate, as I previously stated. Gabriel González continued:We have machines that have been in operation for more than 22,000 hours that, aside from normal wear and tear, are still in perfect working order. Another aspect of these machines is the service provided by the dealer - we have good machines from Adal Exclusivas Generales, the official Doosan dealer in our area, and we have received excellent service from them as well.

Companies from around the world demonstrated their smart construction technologies in six categories, including earthwork automation and advanced surveying, smart construction safety, smart maintenance, 3D printing, BIM, and smart construction user created content.

‘Earthwork automation and advanced surveying,’ according to Doosan Infracore, were the competition areas. With its XiteCloud-based analysis platform, the company completed an earthwork volume analysis quickly and accurately in the ‘advanced surveying’ competition. This platform is the result of the company’s own in-house technologies and its extensive experience in housing site development, plant and mining projects both domestically and internationally.

While this was going on, Doosan Infracore won the earthwork automation competition by finishing the excavation work in an extremely sophisticated manner and at an unmatched speed thanks to a machine control device installed in its excavator - the only participant in the competition to be equipped with this type of technology.

Doosan Infracore drew a lot of attention when it introduced its 3D Tiltrotator**-based integrated machine control technology in Korea for the first time. The technology is equipped with high-precision GPS and advanced sensors.

One of the most notable achievements was the fact that, despite being the smallest of the contestants' machines, their excavator did not only complete the earthwork test faster than the others, but it was also highly regarded for its accuracy when operating on difficult slopes, among other things.

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