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I recently got 70 mage on my pure, its great actually I can cause people to stop and RuneScape gold am able to scare people to death. It's a security net. When someone pulls out a Gmaul, I freeze them before peppering with various projectiles. However, the act of pking with magic can be a nightmare. slow casting speed, high cost and rangers who you apart. Additionally, everyone at my level is wearing full Dhide. In this psot, I'll talk about the issues that magic faces and how we can fix it.

Costs: Runes cost a lot, but that's the value they're worth. The worst part is that you can use a variety of spells to get an "blunt edge" during battle, but have to carry more. Stacking, a technique that allows you to use different ancinets spells to increase damage on the opposing party is what these spells can do since they're more efficient. For a blood-ice combo I'll need four sets runes. To make an inventory of food I usually require 50 projectiles or casts. Therefore, I'll take 30 of each spell. This is 50k.

Dragonhide: D'hide isn't only cheap, its very excellent armour that can withstand magical attacks, and, to a certain extent, it can be used to mellee. You need a medium range level to use it, but you receive a complete set that instantly decreases my chance of casting successfully.

Ranger and warrior attacks cannot fail, so they can be stunning and shenanigans with no damage. While I can understand the risks of magic, defense must stop damage from happening, not the spell breaking. My next post will be lexplain.

Most people already know that mage defence is 70% magical level 30 percent defense level. This is very bad news for defense against mage, particularly silly pures. My opponent has one defense, and 50 magic. However, he does not have a combat level that is similar to mine. In RS classic magic, you can add it to buy rs3 gold the combat level, which means you have weak mage defense or no combat levels.

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