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Jets are the centerpiece of any outdoor spa. The jets are scattered in several places around the "tub" and are distinguished by the holes that adorn the acrylic. The jets are responsible for applying the treatment that will create positive effects on the body during its use, thanks to the direct contact of the skin with the pressurized water.

They are responsible for using the water previously placed in the hydromassage, combining it with a little pressurized air to create streams of water that circulate in the tub. The idea of ​​hydromassage treatment is to place the areas you want to treat so that the effect is more visible.

The greater the number of jets in an outdoor spa, the greater the range of treatments and the more effective the treatment of the whole body. Models vary in this regard, with each model varying not only in size or appearance, but also in its components and therefore in the number of jets it has.

Hydromassage is one of the oldest treatments discovered by man, which uses only natural elements: water and air. Originally, people believed that water was a miraculous substance, capable of curing any disease or ailment with sufficient exposure and time.

And they were not far from the truth; although it is a bit of an exaggeration to say that it is able to cure any disease, the truth is not so far removed from this belief, as hydromassage is able to relieve almost any muscle pain and even mental.

With multiple benefits for the skin, muscles and overall body performance improve. The same goes for blood circulation, stress relief and restoration of mobility. It is even a therapeutic treatment and is recommended by experts around the world as an effective option.

Between an indoor hydromassage tub and an outdoor spa, what is the best solution? Although they are virtually identical, outdoor hot tubs are better prepared to deal with the climatic changes that can occur during the day, they have superior strength to withstand the elements of a patio or garden and are easier to clean.

Using a hydromassage tub outdoors has the opposite effect, as exposing it to conditions for which it was not prepared will intentionally shorten its life. They tend to get dirty more easily, ruining their glossy finish and exposing them to potential mishaps.

Appreciating the breeze on your face while relaxing in a hot tub is a unique experience, perfect for erasing all the grief of the day. Some prefer to stay indoors, others prefer to enjoy the great outdoors; the reality is that everyone has different tastes in this area.

Yet just because you are better equipped to withstand external conditions doesn't mean that you are immune to them. There is no harm in providing extra protection like a thermal blanket to prevent dirt and leaves from entering the spa when not in use. In addition, this equipment also requires maintenance from time to time, such as treating the water or cleaning the interior glass / acrylic.

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Часовете са според зоната UTC + 2 часа

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