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Battle for Azeroth, the most recent expansion for World of Warcraft, has been criticized as being one of the least alt-friendly in the game's history.

Characters are being improved

You'll want to level up your characters as quickly as possible, and one of the most popular methods is to pre-order the Heroic edition or better of the Shadowlands expansion, which can provide you with a level 120 character boost as well as 390 item level gear and a respectable Heart of Azeroth neck level, among other advantages.

Until January 7, you could earn a passive WOW gold TBC boost for alts when the old-school Alterac Valley battleground came to an end, and with the 15th anniversary Celebration Package, you could earn 1.5-2 levels per battle for alts.

Races and zones can be unlocked

It is possible to level up your Heart of Azeroth to level 35 or even higher when the Magni quests become available. In the Mechagon zone, which contains the quests that become available to you halfway through the Nazjatar sequence, you can obtain the Pocket-Sized Computation Device until you have completed the necessary quests and achievements.

Items that are leveled up

Magni will appear in the middle of your Nazjatar opening questline, just when you're about to give up and go do world quests, and he'll demand your immediate attention and completion. Make sure you don't forget about thisbc classic gold! Making your way through this short questline will grant you Heart of Azeroth level 35, which is essential for doing all of the delicious Azerite world quests you'll be doing later on.

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