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A reasonable casting shape is created using rapid prototyping technology and three-dimensional software, and the parting surface, pouring system position, and mold heat balance system are all determined at the start of the casting process. Die-casting parts are laid out in a reasonable manner using data from the machine; the gating system and overflow system are three-dimensionally modelled, among other things. The data from the machine is used to determine the position and diameter of the injection punch, as well as the number of die-casting parts per die casting mould.

Solidification simulation and temperature field simulation can be used to achieve further optimization of the gating system, as well as the determination of the location of the mold cooling point, among other things.

Create the overall structure of the mold by referring to the 3D model as a point of referenceThe first task to be completed in the general layout design is to determine the injection position and punch diameter of the dieThe strength and rigidity of the forming insert, as well as the size of the sealing surface, splicing between inserts, placement of push rods, and cooling points, among other considerations, are among the most important factors to considerWhen it comes to ensuring the mold's long-term viability, the most important requirement is a reasonable combination of these elementsThe matching method for the vulnerable parts, as well as the sealing surface, should be taken into consideration when designing large molds, which is especially important when designing large moldsThis is critical in order to avoid early mold damage and aluminum escape during the die-casting process, both of which can be potentially disastrous outcomesMold processing technology, as well as a large mold exhaust system, are also required for this process
A standard mold base catalog contains mold bases for small and medium-sized die-casting molds, and these mold bases can be selected directly from the catalog. It is necessary to calculate the stiffness and strength of the mold base for large-scale molds in order to ensure that the elastic deformation of the mold base does not have an impact on the dimensional accuracy of the die-casting part while the die-casting process is in progress. It is critical to be able to grasp both the fit gap between the movable components as well as the positioning of the movable components in order to design a core-pulling mechanism that works properly.

The structural parts are joined together with other components to form a frame with high strength and resistance to deformation. Massive dimensions, thin walls, and a complex structure are typical characteristics of structural parts in this category of construction. Because die castings must provide reliable safety during use, the mechanical properties of structural parts must be higher than those of other types of parts.

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