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It took a group of people to complete this Myrkgard run, including Game Director Scot Lane, Senior Producer Mike Willette, Creative Director David Verfaillie, and Game Designer Zach Holm, to complete it. In addition, various camera angles were included in order to provide new world gold for sale players with a better understanding of the equipment they were wearing, the skills they were employing, and the positions in which they were positioning themselves in the world.

In spite of the fact that it showcases the entire ten-member development team in its entirety, the video concentrates primarily on the four team leaders mentioned above, as well as some useful tips that appear in the middle of each screen on an ongoing basisIn other massively multiplayer online games, the loading screens and early content can provide players with important clues about what is going onApparently, this is the case because another developer is reportedly sitting back and watching the Myrkgard race while simultaneously typing tips at regular intervalsIn spite of the fact that the Amazon Games team ultimately decided to abandon the Myrkgard mission, we were still able to make significant progressDespite only having been on the mission for an hour, the development team was forced to abandon it due to increased difficulty on top of an already difficult endgame zone, which was caused by a lack of adequate supplies and equipment on hand

The developers may have gained insight into which parts of the run are more difficult than intended and which aspects of the run are not functioning properly as a result of the players' inability to complete the Myrkgard Elite zone as of right now, but it is unclear whether or not they intend to nerf the Myrkgard Elite zone as a result of the players' failure to complete it. The Amazon Games team has received numerous congratulations for their attempt at the Myrkgard run, and many other players have praised the team's willingness to communicate with them and be open to their suggestions, among other things.

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